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Ahoj, tohle mi přišlo předevčírem. Sice je to asi trochu narychlo, ale přece jen, kdybychom se chtěli zúčastnit....

Fellow pilots and friends of the Virtual NATO,

I hope this reaches you all in time for you to make arrangements to join us for our

8th Anniversary Fly-in Event beginning at 1800 zulu on Saturday 7th of  March 2015.

This year's anniversary celebration will start with a group flight in the French Polynesian islands, departing from Faaa airport (NTAA) in Tahiti, and touring around 8 islands in any general aviation aircraft of your choice that you are competent in flying.


NTAA - Thahiti -- Departure
NTTM - Temae -- Stop #1
NTTE - Tetiaroa -- Touch & Go ONLY
NTGV - Mataiva -- Stop#2
NTGC - Tikehau -- Stop #3
NTTG - Rangiroa -- Stop #4 and lunch
NTGK - Kaukura -- Stop #5
NTGU - Artua -- Stop #6
NTGD - Apataki -- Stop #7
NTGF - Fakarava -- Stop #8 and Final Destination

Each island we will visit has an airport that will accommodate wheeled aircraft. However, each island also has a lagoon where amphibious or float-equipped aircraft can safely land without danger from crashing ocean waves. The group flight will last approximately 8 hours and should prove to be fun and relaxing.
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