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Fellow Pilots!
In cooperation with PL-VACC, VACC-Slovakia, VACCHUN and ROVACC we would like to invite you for the next season event - Middle - Europe RealOps. This time you can feel the one Saturday as real as it gets. On the 7th of January 2017 in Warsaw (EPWA), Bratislava (LZIB), Budapest (LHBP) and Bucharest (LROP) from 17 till 21 UTC you have a chance to book one or more of 100 available real-time flights and fly with ultimate ATC coverage across 4 countries. Turn on your simulator, put your headphones onto your ears and set frequency… Oh and the most important thing - enjoy event! See you there on 7th of January 2017 between 17 and 21 UTC!

Booking is available on: