Informace o sletech a akcích u nás a v zahraničí, briefingy i debriefingy. / Fly-ins and events

One of our dear friend and fellow virtual aviator Thomas Polden have sadly passed away and is now forever at cruise up in the blue sky, mile high. He was an enthusiastic and friendly virtual pilot on the VATSIM network and will truly be missed.

In order to remember and honor our fellow aviator and friend we would like to invite everyone for one last day of flying on Thomas’ favorite city pair and ending at his home airport at 5 Feb.

The plan is to depart out of Heathrow (EGLL) and fly to Oslo-Gardermoen (ENGM) which was one of his favorite routes. And after that we are heading for one last leg back to his home airport Evenes (ENEV).

Recommended departure time from EGLL is 14 to 15z and landing at ENEV later that evening around 20 to 21z.

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We hope to see you online on 5 Feb.

Rest in peace Thomas Polden.