Informace o sletech a akcích u nás a v zahraničí, briefingy i debriefingy. / Fly-ins and events

Starting at 4 November 09:00z, Arlanda together with Sweden Control will be online for 36 hours in this rare marathon event.

This is an excellent opportunity for you to fly in and out of Stockholm-Arlanda regardless of what time zone you live in.

Fly some local domestic hops with Norwegian or visit Arlanda with your favorite cargo aircraft, hauling cargo throughout the night. Or why not depart Arlanda in the morning on Saturday, visiting the Big Apple and head back arriving Sunday morning with ATC still being online!

No matter what you decide to fly during this event, you will have excellent ATC coverage for 36 hours.

We recommend you visiting the pilot briefing page and have your charts with you in the cockpit.

The Swedish ATC team hope you will enjoy this event, see you online!

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