Pro otázky ohledně software a připojení na VATSIMu. SB, FSInn, ASRC, VRC, EuroScope, ServInfo, ActiveSky a další.
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By Pavel
upozorňuji na nemilou věc která se stala, spadlo velké VATSIM fórum a z důvodu nějaké technické chyby přišli o poslední více než rok příspěvků.

\"As you have been able to see when logging into the forums, we have returned, but we have lost a year and a half of data and shared knowledge. I am sure many if not most of you are asking why, and how did this happen.
Well first off this is not just one thing that has gone wrong, it is the result of multiple smaller incidents/happenings. We have/had regular backups running over the forums but over time with server relocations, changing staff, new scripts and other changes something broke and it was not noticed until we needed it and we have been caught out. So that is how we got to be here, we have once again re-instated the forum back ups, we have changed our testing methods (of the back ups) and generally learnt a valuable yet embarrassing lesson.
You may feel the need to vent, offer your opinions and suggestions on many topics related to this incident, that is completely understandable, but what has happened has happened and can not be undone. I just want to finish by thanking everyone who has been working behind the scenes to restore what information and knowledge files we still have, there is still over 8 years of data that needed recovering.
-Steven Cullen\"