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It is now 86 years since Czechoslovak national airlines launched its regular service, becoming one of the world\'s first air carriers. The first flight, from Prague to the Slovak capital Bratislava, took off on October 29, 1923. It was only 20 years after the Wright Brothers assembled the first engine-powered plane ever - finally enabling mankind to fly.

It was an Aero A-14 Brandenburg aircraft, it was an adapted military plane that the then Czechoslovak Airlines obtained from the Defence Ministry, including military pilots who remained on the ministry\'s payroll. There was only one pilot in the cockpit, Sergeant Major Karel Brabenec, and there was only one passenger on board - a reporter for the daily LIDOVE NOVINY, Vaclav Koenig. The plane also carried a few grams of mail, so it did not have a heavy load.

The group of pilots from Czech Airlines Virtual invite you to flight together from Prague Ruzyne (apron south) [LKPR] to Bratislava M. R. Stefanik [LZIB].

VFR flights (Aero A-14, ....) departure from 1730z

IFR flights (DC-3, Iljushin, Tupolev, ...) departure from 1900z