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By vPilot
Today i made a VFR-Trip from LKPR to EDOA (Home Airport) and back to LKPR. It was my first to your Location. I found a perfect ATC named Jan Fiala. Thanks for this and i made a notice in the VACC-GER Forum, because Jan said there where only few German Pilots which found the way to Prague. What a pity.

For a well neighborhood

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By Ico
What to say to this... Amalka has a perfect german too, he is a fine ATC with super VFR/IFR knowings, so what to do next? Come on and fly to Czech rep to meet others :)
By vPilot
[quote="Ico"]Amalka has a perfect german too...[/quote]

Oh yes, made this all a lot easier for me, because i\'m still a little bit newbie on VATSIM Network.

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