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This week we have a special Friday = two events on one night! Come and support Latvia, which has Independence day aswell as make the traffic to our friendly ATC crew, who are doing their \"Riga Fully Staffed\" event, every Friday!

What do people say about Riga in VATSIM:
\"For us Western Europeans, EVRA is now \"The Gateway to the East\" -Patrik Yngver
\"That\'s a great field! I\'ve only been through it once , but I was impressed by the layout and location.\" -Stephen Plumb.

In English:
Welcome back to Riga, where our professional ATC will be providing you the best service around EVRA. Fly to Latvia and enjoy your time! All positions are booked, incl. GND, TWR, APP, ACC. Come and enjoy your Friday night! Have any questions? Feel free to ask them to our staff in the forum lv-vacc.org or mail: feedback [at] lv-vacc.org. Hope to see you all and have a pleasant in our event!

Sveicam jus Riga, kur musu profesionalie ATC nodrosinas labako kontroli ap Rigu. Lidojiet uz Latviju un izbaudiet laiku! Visas pozicijas ir rezervetas ieskaitot GND,TWR,APP,ACC. Naciet un izbaudiet savu piektdienas nakti! Ir kadi jautajumi? Jutieties brivi jautat musu personalam, musu foruma lv-vacc.org. Ceram, ka jus visus redzet un ceram kad jums patiks musu pasakums!

EVRA Scenery for FS2004/FSX http://lv-vacc.org/MATERIAL/Riga_Airport_4_2.zip
EVRA Charts http://lv-vacc.org/charts1.html
Latvia vACC Staff http://lv-vacc.org