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By sokol32

PL-VACC are honoured again to invite you to participate in an event prepared by our virtual controllers. But this time the circumstances and the dimension of are particular: pilots are expected on two subsequent days, where virtual control will be provided by Live ATC Centre at Poznań Fairs, the largest regular international exhibition centre in Poland. This time part of the fairs is dedicated to aviation.

You are welcome to make use of specially prepared our Real Operations simulation, by booking your slot. Polish skies and guests at the Fairs will be awaiting you on Saturday and Sunday, 6 and 7 April, between 10:00 and 15:00 UTC. The booking system this time comprises three major Polish airports, in Poznań (EPPO), Wrocław (EPWR) and Katowice (EPKT).

Inviting you once again we strongly encourage you to take part in this the most prestigious so far event, promoting to open public not only PL-VACC, but our VATSIM as such. Get our controllers busy as their work is being watched by Fair visitors, exhibitors and journalists, also watching you on oun our radar displays.

Looking forward to seeing you!
Controllers of PL-VACC

Click here to book flight on Saturday, April 6
Click here to book flight on Sunday, April 7

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