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[Every tuesday 18-21z | OMDB] tUAEsday

PříspěvekNapsal:27 kvě 2013, 23:14
od Marcus Richter

Whilst in real world Dubai is a fast-growing, aspiring city and its airport is overloaded with heavy traffic from all over the world, its counterpart on VATSIM seemed to be forgotten both by pilots and air traffic controllers for a long time. But now we are going to light up the desert! Visit us on our regularly online day, the tUAEsday. Every tuesday from 18:00z to 21:00z you can be sure to enjoy high quality ATC at Dubai international (OMDB). At least OMAE_CTR, OMDB_APP and OMDB_TWR will be staffed.

What will you need to fly to Dubai?

- Charts, you can find them here: ... en-GB.html
- A scenery, at least if you want to make your virtual Dubai looking as fascinating as the original. We strongly recommend the new version of the Flytampa scenery (available for FS9 and FSX, get it here: Although it is payware, it is worth its money. Alternatively, you could use one of the available freeware sceneries.

For FS9:
2) ...

For FSX:
1) ...
2) ...

Please be aware that our controllers instructions - especially on the ground - will refer to the new Flytampa scenery only.

We are looking forward to see you on our scopes! Help us make the virtual OMDB make as busy as the original!

Kind regards
Marcus Richter
VATUAE Events Manager