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[Jan 16th 16-20Z] S3+C1 CPT Evening in Estonia

PříspěvekNapsal:12 led 2015, 22:17
od Mark-Julius Pikat

On January 16th from 16 to 20Z we are having another amazing evening in Estonia - We will have S3 exam (Marcin Kolczynski) and C1 re-test (Johannes Erdfeld).
IFR/VFR/SVFR are more than just required to pass the exam for both candidates!
Make sure to get yourself a scenery from here (FSX/FS9/XP), demos also available:]

Also, Virtual Airlines of Baltic will make their first official flights! Check them out here If you are local, you must join! :P

* 16-17Z Warmup with Tallinn ACC
* ~17-18.30Z Tallinn APP Solo exam
* ~18.30-20Z Tallinn APP + Tallinn ACC Double exam
* 20Z+ Handling of remaining traffic :)

See you soon!

Re:[Jan 16th 16-20Z] S3+C1 CPT Evening in Estonia

PříspěvekNapsal:16 led 2015, 14:22
od Mark-Julius Pikat
The event is today! See you soon :)