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[June 6th 11-16Z] Estonian Aviation Days 2015

PříspěvekNapsal:31 kvě 2015, 20:47
od Mark-Julius Pikat

Dear pilots!

With a great pleasure, we are inviting you to another live event hosted by VACC Estonia! This time we will be providing top-down service live from Estonian Aviation Museum. The event will happen on June 6th, 2015 from 11 to 16Z (14-19 local time). We will also provide service at our regional airfields, please follow bookings to find out exact operational times of such units.

As there will be a lot of people observing the event, as well as real life air traffic controllers present,
we are kindly asking all pilots to fly only if you are able to fly with voice receive+transmit.
In case you will lose voice you might be diverted to closest airfield in Tallinn FIR.

In cooperation with our partner Drzewiecki Design, we will announce a contest shortly on our Facebook page,
you will have a chance to win Tallinn scenery for your beloved flightsim!

Sceneries, METARs and NOTAMs can be found from our website

See you soon and we hope you will enjoy a start of summer with us :)