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[Mar 24 18-21Z+] EAVA LAN Party 2016 by VACC Estonia

PříspěvekNapsal:23 bře 2016, 20:07
od Mark-Julius Pikat
Hello to all fans and friends of Estonian virtual aviation!

On March 24th (thursday), Estonian Aviation Academy (EAVA) is hosting its 2nd LAN party. This time we want something special, so that's why a small team of VACC Estonia will be on spot in order to demonstrate some flying and air traffic control for students.  There will be a professional ATC service provided by one of our real-life air traffic controllers, who would be glad to identify you on his radar screen :)

The event will start at 18Z (20 local time), and will last as long as there is traffic! The LAN party itself will last during all night.

Estonian Aviation Academy is a state-owned professional higher education institution educating and training specialists for Estonian aviation enterprises and organisations.