English spoken forum for all pilots and controlers from foreign countries. Here, you can ask any question regarding Czech VACC and so on.

On January 16th from 16 to 20Z we are having another amazing evening in Estonia - We will have S3 exam (Marcin Kolczynski) and C1 re-test (Johannes Erdfeld).
IFR/VFR/SVFR are more than just required to pass the exam for both candidates!
Make sure to get yourself a scenery from here (FSX/FS9/XP), demos also available: http://www.drzewiecki-design.net/prodEETN_X.htm]

Also, Virtual Airlines of Baltic will make their first official flights! Check them out here http://www.baltic-va.org. If you are local, you must join! :P

* 16-17Z Warmup with Tallinn ACC
* ~17-18.30Z Tallinn APP Solo exam
* ~18.30-20Z Tallinn APP + Tallinn ACC Double exam
* 20Z+ Handling of remaining traffic :)

See you soon!