Informace o sletech a akcích u nás a v zahraničí, briefingy i debriefingy. / Fly-ins and events

It is time to fill the skies of Oslo again and this time according to the real world schedule. It is time for Oslo Realtime 2017!

On Sunday 23 April from 14-20z, Gardermoen will be staffed for six hours by VATSIM Scandinavia`s highly competent and friendly air traffic controllers. We want you to be a part of this intense and "as real as it gets" event that will put both the controllers and the highly efficient point merge arrival system to the test!

Before the event please take time to read the pilot briefing to make sure you are familiar with procedures. Also have a look at charts!

Always stay one step ahead and think "what can I expect the controllers to tell me next?"

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